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I hope everyone is in good festive spirit these days. Today again I’ve brough one more very special post for you all.

Today I’ve brought you all all 12 issues of ‘Chandrakanta Santati’ comics published by Pawan Comics.

I assume most of you are familiar with the Iconic Novel ‘Chandrakanta’ which was written by Devki Nandan Khatri in the late 19th Centuary and if you’re not then i assume that at least you’ve heard or seen the the very famous Hindi TV series Chandrakanta which was aired in mid 90s.

So as i was saying that Chandrakanta is an Iconic novel and got immense popularity at its time of writing and is considered one of the very first Novels in Indian literature to introduce ‘Aiyaa’ (Secret Agents) and Tilism. Encouraged by the success of Chandrakanta Mr. Khatri wrote a mammoth sequal to Chandrakanta which was titled ‘Chandrakanta Santati’ and followed the adventures of children of Chandrakanta and virendra singh. The series was published in 7 books containing 4 parts each.

Pawan comics in its decent year published complte Chandrakanta Santati in total 12 part comic series, and today I’ve brought you all 12 parts here. I hope you’ll like these comics as well as this post.

All the comics are in PDF format.

Book Details:-
Particulars (विवरण) Details (Size, Writer, Dialect, Pages) आकार, लेखक, भाषा, कुल पृष्ठ
पुस्तक का नाम (Book Name) चंद्रकांता संतति / Chandrakanta Santati
लेखक या प्रकाशक का नाम (Name of Author Or Publisher) Pawan Comics / Chandrakanta Santati
ईबुक में कुल पृष्ठ (Total pages in Ebook) 360+
पुस्तक का आकार (Size Of Book) 267 MB
पुस्तक की भाषा (Language of Book ) हिंदी/Hindi
पुस्तक का प्रारूप (Format Of Book) PDF

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